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Are Fake Security Cameras A Reliable Deterrent?

Jul 5

One of the best methods for preventing break-ins is often mentioned as being security cameras. Criminals often determine that it would be preferable to target a different target after seeing CCTV on a house. As a result of people realizing this, a market for false security cameras has emerged. These devices mimic wireless networks, however they are unable to transmit or capture video.

The concept of deterrents with no practical use is not new. While they don't really have one, some individuals may display indicators that indicate the existence of a security camera system. When a person doesn't have a dog of their own, they could decide to put a "beware of dog" sign. Essentially, your goal is to deceive burglars into thinking that your house is more safe than it really is.

We would want to take a deeper look at this concept as more house and small company owners are beginning to wonder whether they can get away with installing false cameras.


Why Fake Security Cameras Are Beneficial

First of all, it should be noted that phony CCTV camera systems are preferable than none. The presence of the phony camera may lead some robbers to believe they are genuine and move on to another target. They could also be successful in stopping minor offenses like parcel theft. If a novice burglar sees the false camera as they approach your home to steal an unattended package, they could conclude it is not worth the risk.

Another thing to consider is the cost of false CCTV systems vs genuine cameras. These devices don't need all of the components that make a genuine camera function since they don't need to record video. Benefits of fake security camera cornerstone protection. Additionally, you don't need any of the DVRs, monitoring equipment, or other elements that go into creating a functional CCTV system. All told, for the price of one or two working cameras, you could potentially install phony security systems throughout your whole house.

Another aspect is installation. A false camera is significantly simpler to install and set up since it doesn't have a real practical purpose. When all CCTV systems had to be hardwired, this aspect used to be somewhat more important. Although installing a contemporary wireless alarm for the house still requires a bit more effort, it is far simpler than it formerly was.


Dummy Cameras Do Not Work As Well Against Smart Criminals

Fake surveillance cameras may serve as a deterrent to some extent, although they fall short of actual cameras in this aspect. Only a novice crook is likely to be successful using a phony CCTV camera. A skilled thief will be able to discern the difference, and once they are aware that the device is not recording, it will no longer be a deterrent.

The substance is one of the first indicators of a phony camera. Real outdoor security cameras will be constructed of strong, waterproof materials. Cheap plastic is often used to make dummy security cameras. It is likely to have the opposite impact as a deterrence when a burglar notices the unmistakable indicators of a false camera. Since many burglars would believe you don't have any significant security measures in place, they will be even more self-assured.


No Proof In The Case Of A Crime

The majority of offenders will be discouraged by the sight of cameras. However, some criminals are so brazen that they would still carry out their crimes even if they think they are being watched. Even the deterrence impact of a phony camera won't be useful against a criminal like this.

Real cameras may at least provide useful evidence to assist identify perpetrators after the event if they are unable to serve as a deterrence. There are too many house invasions going on without any leads for the police to act. Without any supporting evidence, they will conduct the best investigation they can into the crime. The likelihood of the crime being unsolved is high. You may provide the police important leads that can significantly affect their ability to find the offenders if you install actual video surveillance on the property.


The Advantages Of Using Real Cameras

Real security cameras have several clear benefits over fake ones that are not available with fake cameras. Real surveillance systems, as I indicated before, capture video, and they may be utilized to provide evidence in the case of a crime. Even the most seasoned thieves may be deterred by them since they will realize that you are serious about your security when they realize that the device is a genuine camera.

Those two arguments will persuade most individuals of the advantages of putting actual cameras versus imitation ones. But there are many advantages to current wireless security camera systems that you may not even be aware of. Today's wireless security cameras may link to the internet or your alarm system to access a wealth of helpful functions.


Alerts And Real-Time Monitoring

You can keep an eye on your house from anywhere using cameras that are integrated into a smart alarm system. The majority of modern home automation systems provide mobile applications that help you keep an eye on your wireless systems from computers, tablets, and smartphones. As a result, you may check on your house whenever you feel the need for essential safety provided by a video surveillance system for a home or company.

Many of these systems may be configured to give you warnings, so you have more options than simply watching video broadcasts on your phone. Motion detectors may be added to cameras so that they begin recording as soon as anything enters their field of view. Then, it may be configured to give you a notification that it is recording. You may then phone the police or a friend, neighbor, or family member to check on the property if you see any strange behavior.


Make Better Use Of Home Automation

You can now purchase cameras that integrate with the top platforms for smart home automation and security. With a system like this, you may configure the cameras to function with a variety of gadgets to raise the level of security in your house. For instance, they may cooperate with gadgets like smart lighting to provide an extra deterrent. You may set the porch light to turn on when a camera at the front entrance is triggered using smart lighting and the smart camera.

However, it is not even necessary to discuss criminality. When you install appliances like smart locks and doorbells, you might provide access to visitors while you are away from home. Imagine that while you are at work, a reliable buddy has to enter the house. They may ring the doorbell, and you could then confirm their identification using the two-way audio and video. You may use the app on your phone to open the door and turn off the alarm once you are sure it is a person you can trust.


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